How to File For Christian Divorce as Per Laws

Christian families that are living in Pakistan can part their way through separation if they have trouble living with their spouses.In Pakistan, the legal procedures for separation or divorce, applicable to Christians as well, are outlined in the Christian Divorce Act of 1869. Below is a summary of the typical steps involved

Process of filing for Christian divorce as per Pakistani laws

Step1: look for a lawyer:

It’s better to hire a lawyer for all the legal matters related to the family court as they know better about the laws and protocols. So first you have to look for a reputable lawyer who can carry on with your separation case. You can hire any lawyer irrespective of the religion, the lawyer will guide you further about the process of filing for separation as a Christian couple.

Step 2: gather all documents and evidence

Whether you go for separation or a divorce you would always need a solid reason for that. The court will never grant separation without a solid reason and will decline your request for Christian divorce. So you should have a solid ground in which you would ask for a separation. After determining the grounds you should look for the important documents related to your marriage including your marriage certificate.

Step 3: file a petition for Christian separation in family court:

This step is very important as it’s the only way you can register your separation in court. Before filing a petition make sure you have mentioned everything in the petition. Submit the petition in court through your lawyer and wait for the court’s notice for a hearing.

Step 4: Appear for court's hearing on your separation court

Firstly the court will try to make both parties sit together and resolve the matter as there is always a chance of reconciliation in such matters. However, if the couple is persistent on getting separation the court will carry on the hearing on their separation case.

As a Christian couple, you will have to prove in court that your separation is inevitable and you have solid reasons for not wanting to continue the marriage. If the court finds your reasons valid they will grant you a separation. Moreover, the court will also look into matters like child custody and maintenance funds etc so that the couple could live gracefully even after the separation.