How do you Register Divorce Papers Through a Family Lawyer?

Are you thinking of going for a divorce? If your answer is yes, then you must know all the procedures you will follow while going through the divorce. One of the main elements of any divorce is the registration of your divorce papers.A divorce deed is a kind of settlement document or a divorce decree. The document has all the information regarding child custody, division of property, and any other terms and conditions regarding a particular divorce.After the granting of divorce from the court one must register a divorce deed. The best way to register a divorce deed is through your divorce lawyer and we will tell you how to do that further in our article.

Steps to register the Divorce Deed Paper through a divorce lawyer:

Consult any reputable divorce lawyer in Karachi:

If you want to register a divorce papers through a best family lawyer you must find a compatible one. A lawyer who is skilled in dealing with divorce cases should be your choice. You will discuss your case with him and he will guide you properly about the next procedure.

Gather documents:

Before registering a divorce deed make sure you have all the important documents that you will need while registration.

Documents required for registering the divorce deed:

Your divorce lawyer will ask you to bring the following documents along:

  • Petition for divorce
  • Settlement agreement papers
  • Nikah Nama
  • Cnic
  • Proof of residence

Drafting of Divorce Deed

Your lawyer with the help of you and your partner will draft a divorce deed. He will mention all the settlements regarding property and child custody as per the court’s decision.

The signing of the divorce deed:

Once the lawyer has the complete draft of the divorce papers he will ask you to proofread it. If there is no mistake you and your spouse must sign the divorce deed. After signing you will agree that everything written in that divorce deed is correct.

Sending the document to the authorities:

After signing your lawyer will send the document to the related authorities like Nadra, the union council, and the court. The authorities will review the divorce deed and after confirmation will register your divorce as per the rules. Once the divorce deed is registered there is no going back and your divorce will be official.If you want the registration of a hassle-free divorce deed registration call us (website name) and get your divorce registered as soon as possible.