Divorce Procedure for Pakistani Couple living in Canada

Every year many Pakistanis get visas to Canada and start their lives there. Approximately 50,000 Pakistanis are residing in Canada and are earning a living for their families. Every year a few Pakistani couples living in Canada get divorced due to personal reasons. However many of them do not actually know about the steps that go into the process of getting a divorce without coming back. For this reason, we have made a guide on the divorce procedure for Pakistani couples living in Canada.

How can a Pakistani couple living in Canada get divorced?

One of the main reasons we suggest hiring a lawyer is that a lawyer knows everything about overseas divorces. The lawyer will help you fill up the divorce application and then submit it.

Consult Pakistani Embassy in Canada Through Family Lawyer:

With your lawyer’s aid attest the application form and power of attorney from the Pakistani embassy so that your divorce lawyer can carry out the process further in Karachi Pakistan.

Send your documents to Pakistan:

You will have to prepare all the documents needed to file for divorce. The documents include marriage certificates, passports and property proofs. These documents will reach Pakistan through your divorce lawyer in Karachi as you have transferred the power of attorney.

File For Divorce

Your lawyer will submit all your documents in court and will also draft a divorce deed.

Court Hearings:

Your divorce lawyer will attend the court hearings on your behalf and will provide the court with all the proofs. The court will review all the documents regarding the divorce.

Granting of Divorce:

The court after hearing all aspects will issue a divorce decree. The court will also settle the matters live property Division, child maintenance and other matters related to the life of the couple after the divorce.