Divorce Procedure for Pakistani Couple Living in Germany

Are you living in Germany and are thinking of getting divorced? Well in that case you first have to know everything about getting a divorce as a Pakistani couple who is living abroad. Here’s what you need to know about all the steps you need to follow to get a divorce while living in Germany.

Get a Divorce as a Overseas Pakistani Living in Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Dusseldorf and Cologne

If you are a Pakistani couple residing in Germany and have to part your ways you must get a lawyer’s help. The lawyer has first-hand Information regarding the divorce rules for couples living in Germany. If you have trouble finding a suitable lawyer for your divorce case let us know at Divorce lawyers karachi as we will provide you with a reputable lawyer that best suits the needs of your case.

Prepare Document Through Divorce Lawyers in Karachi

Hand over the documents like your Nikah Nama, CNIC, marriage certificate and passport copies to your lawyer. You also need to draft a divorce deed and power of attorney papers and send it to the Pakistani embassy for attestation.

File for divorce in Pakistan

Once your lawyer gains the power of attorney he will be able to file for divorce back in Pakistan as your representative. He will be responsible for submitting the divorce deed and other relevant documents to the court.

Court hearings

The court will ask the lawyer to present before the court as your power of attorney and carry out the court’s proceedings. The court will look into the reasons for getting a divorce and will settle matters like child custody and property division.

Court decision:

Once the court reviews all the matters they will issue a divorce decree. Divorce decree means that the court has issued a divorce and the couple will finally be regarded as an officially divorced couple.