Concept and Procedure of Divorce Through MubaratT

There are different forms of divorce recongnized by Pakistani laws, including “Talaq,” “Khula,” and “Mubarat”. The one that we are going to talk about in this article is “Mubarat.”

What is Divorce Through Mubarat:

Divorce through Mubarat is becoming a common practice among couples in Pakistan. In simple words, if we want to explain a Mubarat divorce, we can say that it is a divorce by mutual consent. Unlike Talaq or Khula, where the divorce is either initiated by the wife or the husband, divorce through Mubarat is initiated with both spouses’ consent.This kind of divorce happens when both the wife and husband agree to leave each other and live their lives separately. They come to the conclusion that they do not want to live with each other and part their easy ways with dignity.

How to Get a Divorce Through Mubarat:

Mutual Agreement and Settlement:

  1. Firstly, the husband and wife will agree upon the terms and conditions of their divorce and mutually decide on the following matters.

    • Who will keep the kids if they have any offspring
    • How much will be the maintenance of kids
    • How will the division of property go
    • What are their mutual grounds for parting their ways

Make a Divorce Deed Papers

After agreeing on the matters mentioned above, the husband and wife will draft a divorce deed. They will mention all these points in the divorce deed papers. This can be done better with the help of a lawyer, as he knows all the protocols. If you need a divorce lawyer, just visit ( website name) and get all the help you need with your divorce deed.In addition to a divorce lawyer, you also need witnesses at the time of signing the divorce deed. The witnesses will testify that both of you had signed the deed with mutual consent, and neither of you was forced to do so.

Submission of Divorce Deed:

Sign and submit the divorce deed in court along with the documents and required fee. You can attach your marriage certificate, proof of identification, and your nikah nama with the divorce deed.

Issuance of Divorce Decree Through Mubarat:

Once submitted, the court will review it, and after reviewing if found authentic, the court will issue you a divorce decree. Once you have the divorce decree, your divorce is final.If you need any assistance with your Mubarat divorce case feel free to contact us at