How to Apply for Hindu Divorce in Karachi

As we all know there are a lot of Hindu families who are living in Pakistan, and the laws here cover their marital issues as well. If any Hindu couple wants a separation they will have to get it as per Pakistani family court laws. If you are a Hindu family residing in Karachi and want to know How to apply for Hindu divorce in Karachi read the step-by-step procedure given below:

Process of Applying For a Hindu Divorce in Pakistan:​

Hire a Family Lawyer:​

Family courts handle divorce cases thus you need a family divorce lawyer for this. Contact a hindu divorce lawyer as per your need and tell him you want a divorce. The lawyer will further assist you in the application for a divorce procedure for non muslims.

Draft a Divorce Petition:​

Sit with your lawyer, discuss your hindu divorce case, and tell him why you want a divorce as you need a solid reason to part ways with your spouse as per Pakistan’s Hindu divorce and marriage laws. The reasons why you are likely to get a divorce are mainly cruelty, adultery, desertion, conversion to another religion, or mental illness. Moreover, try to collect the documentation or pieces of evidence that can support your reason for divorce as it will help you a lot in building a strong case.

File the Case:​

With your lawyer’s guidance, you will file the petition in the family court for a divorce. Hindu families can file their divorce petition in Hindu family courts under Pakistani laws.

Wait for the court’s notice:​

Once you file the petition you have successfully applied for a divorce as a Hindu couple. The next step would be for the court to send the divorce notice to your spouse and you will have to wait for your partner’s response to the notice. The court will try to make the couple reconcile after fetting the response but if both parties want to go for the divorce the court will arrange the case hearing.

Court’s hearing and divorce grant:​

The court will then hear both the parties based on their documentation and evidences. After listening to the partners the court will either grant or reject the divorce based on its judgment. You however can appeal or challenge the court’s decision if you are not happy with the judge’s decision and the court will again arrange the hearings of your divorce case.