How to File for Mutual Consent Divorce Papers?

There are different types of divorce based on the conditions and situation. One of them is a mutual consent divorce. In this type of divorce, both husband and wife agree on getting separated on a mutual agreement. They both want divorce so with mutual consent they file for a divorce. If you want a divorce from mutual consent you must get mutual consent divorce papers and how to file for them is mentioned below.

Process of Filling Out Mutual Consent Divorce Papers:

Hire a Family Lawyer:

Before going for an emotionally damaging journey of the divorce process you must hire a lawyer. The lawyer will facilitate you in filing the divorce papers for mutual consent in the correct way. If you have trouble finding a lawyer of your choice you can always count on (website name) as we have many reputable lawyers to assist you.

Prepare a Mutual Consent Divorce Petition.

You and your spouse will prepare a mutual consent divorce petition in the presence of your lawyer. The petition will have clauses regarding this.

  1. Child custody: you will decide who will be keeping the kids
  • Maintenance: the maintenance amount should be mentioned in the petition
  • Division of property: the petition will have the mention of property Division between the husband and wife
  • The reason for divorce: the couple should mention why they are getting a divorce

All these points should be mentioned after the mutual agreement of both partners.

Sign the Petition:

Once everything is mentioned in the petition both partners will review it. If both of them agree with whatever is written they will sign it. If either of the spouses finds anything that they don’t agree with in the petition they can mention it right there. In this way, both of them can settle anything that they don’t agree on before the filing of divorce.

Sign the Petition:

After signing, submit the filing fee for the petition as per the rules. Do not forget to attach the relevant documents like nikah nama, marriage certificate, and CNIC.

File the Petition for Mutual Consent Divorce Papers:

After fee submission, file the petition, and the court will assign you a case number and hearing date. You will have to appear in court on the assigned date. The court will hear your case and provide you with the mutual consent divorce papers after confirming the consent of both parties.