What Happens if a Husband Says Talaq 3 Times?

Islam encourages Nikah which is the purest form of union between a man and a woman. Sometimes Muslim couples want to break this union if they can get along and live their lives separately. In such cases, the husband can initiate the divorce by verbally announcing the words ” Talaq” in the presence of his wife. Sometimes the husband pronounces the word once and sometimes thrice. Many people wonder what is the value of three Talaqs. To clear this confusion we have brought up the topic in our article today.

What are the rulings if the husband pronounces the Talaq three times at once?

If the husband pronounces the Talaq three times it will still be considered as one talaq as per the rules. The reason behind such a ruling is the fact that when the husband says the word talaq for the first time, it happens as soon as he utters the first word. Therefore the 2 talaqs after the first one are invalid. That means even if the husband pronounces three talaqs at once he will still have 2 Talaqs left.

What are the rulings for iddah if the husband says three Talaqs at once?

The rulings for iddah, if the husband pronounces three talaqs at once are simple. The woman has to wait for a certain time before she gets married again after a divorce and that period is called the iddah period. After hearing three Talaqs at once the woman has to observe iddah for three cycles. If the husband and wife reconcile during the iddah period they can live together even if the husband has pronounced three talaqs. However, after the waiting period, the wife and husband would officially be divorced and would not be allowed to live together or renew their nikah.