Can I Remarry With The Same Husband After Divorce?

There is a lot of confusion regarding Divorce in Pakistan as people follow the different schools of thought made by different Muftis in Islam. People have many questions about the Procedure of Divorce but there is no one to clear their confusion. Today we are going to clear one such confusion that many people have in their minds about nikah after Divorce. The question that we are going to answer today has been asked by many females and it is “Can I remarry with the same husband after Divorce”.

Can a Divorced Woman Marry the same Husband after Divorce?

The answer to this question is no as when the Divorce officially happens the woman can not marry the same husband. However during the iddah period if she wants to go back to her husband she can live with her husband but not after the Divorce gets registered. If the husband says one Divorce and the woman wants to go back after the iddah period she can go back with the renewal of Nikah. But once the Divorce papers are signed there is no going back.

How to Go Back to the same Husband after Getting Divorced?

Although you cannot marry the same husband once you get officially divorced fate can play its role. If a woman who is divorced marries someone else and then gets divorced from her 2nd husband as well, she can remarry her first husband. This process is called Halala and is permissible in Islam. However, Halala cannot be performed intentionally and has to happen by fate. If someone marries 2nd time just to get the Halala done their act is sinful as per Islam and society so one should refrain from doing this.